Abstract Submission

Please read carefully the following guidelines before submitting your abstract.

For oral presentations, a concise and informative description of the presentation is required. Please follow the template below and prepare your abstract in .pdf or .doc format. Note that the reporter should be underlined in the author list. 

For Posters, the abstract should be prepared the same as that of oral presentations. Please note that 10 best posters will be selected by the corresponding session conveners, with 5 best posters especially for posters containing results recently published in the following four journals: Chinese Physics Letters, Chinese Physics B, Acta Physica Sinica, and Wuli.


Abstract Template

Title of Presentation [Times Roman Bold font 12 pt, centered]
(Session number,  Oral / poster )

Author11, Author22, Author33, etc. [Times Roman regular font 11 pt]

1Affiliation1 [Times Roman regular font 11 pt]


3Affiliation3, etc.

[Abstract text: Times Roman regular font 11 pt, width 14.5 cm, left-right justified]



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