Welcome to CCMP-2020

About the Conference

The Conference of Condensed Matter Physics (CCMP) stems out of the conference series “International Conference on Condensed Matter Theory and Computational Materials” which has been held annually since 2002. In 2015, to meet the development of condensed matter physics, the Organizing Committee decided to add new sessions to the conference, involving more topics and expanding the scale of the conference. Meanwhile the conference has been renamed as the Conference of Condensed Matter Physics. CCMP increases English sessions and opens for foreign participants who are especially welcome from other Asia countries and regions. CCMP aims to keep up with the rapid advances in those fields, and to strengthen academic exchanges, and to promote the development of multiple frontier fields in condensed matter physics and its interdisciplines, and to enhance the international influences of Chinese developments in condensed matter physics and related interdisciplinary fields. 

CCMP-2020 will be held on July 2-5, 2020 in Tianmu Lake, Liyang, Jiangsu Province, China, co-sponsored by Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Fudan University.  

CCMP-2020 consists of one plenary session and eight parallel sessions, and the conference language will be English. All reports are invited. In particular, there will be two talks in the plenary session, which are recommended and selected by the organizing committee. In addition, a poster session is available for all the participants.

The conference organizing committee extends warm welcome to experts and scholars at home and abroad in those fields. Young researchers and graduate students are especially encouraged to join us.


This conference covers the following main topics in condensed matter physics:

Session 1: Unconventional superconductivity
Keywords: Copper and iron-based superconductors, heavy-fermion and organic superconductors, topological superconductors, interfacial superconductivity, new superconductors, and their related properties.

Session 2: Strongly correlated systems and machine learning
Keywords: Novel quantum materials and their characterization, topological phases of strongly correlated systems, quantum criticality, non-equilibrium dynamics, quantum many-body computation, machine learning approaches to quantum many-body physics.

Session 3: Quantum computations and cold atoms
Keywords: Ultracold atoms, quantum computation, quantum communication, quantum metrology, quantum simulation. 

Session 4: Twisted bilayer graphene and Morie superlattice systems
Keywords: Bi-/multi-layer graphene, Morie potential, pesudo-Landau level, two-dimensional materials, magic angle.

Session 5: Low dimensional and artificial microstructure physics, topological quantum systems 
Keywords:Two dimensional materials, topological materials, interface and artificial microstructures, Majorana fermion and related subjects.

Session 6: Statistical physics and soft condensed matter physics
Keywords:Active matter, biophysics, colloid and granular matter, fluid dynamics, glass and polymer, soft materials, non-equilibrium dynamics, transport phenomena, heat conduction, computational methods, optimization and spin glass, neural network and biological networks.

Session 7: Quantum magnetism and multiferroic physics
Keywords:Spintronics, quantum magnetism, multiferroic/magnetic materials & physics.

Session 8: Computational condensed matter physics and its applications
Keywords:First-principles calculation & theory,  electronic structure,  material designation and prediction.

Host Institutes

Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

School of Physics and Astronomy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Department of Physics, Fudan University


Shu Chen(IOP)    XiaoQun Wang(SJTU)    Jian Shen(Fudan U)